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  Special Bits by D
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Handmade Crafts from Wales Owned by: D Burns
Medium: Cards & Papercraft
Member since: January 2013
Location: Caldicot, Wales

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Telephone: +44 (0)1633889063

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Paypal, Credit Card
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Web site: www.special-bits.com.

About Special Bits by D

Special Bits

Hi my name is D and I am the person behind Special Bits.
I love paper crafting & spend many happy hours covered in glitter and bits of paper. I enjoy the challenge of mastering new paper-craft skills and techniques so I am always researching & finding new challenges to keep my crafting fresh & exciting.
My cards are created using high quality cardstock with a variety of materials for embellishment; some may also be heat embossed or enamelled. All other handcrafted items are made with either the same high quality cardstock &/or made with specialist paper depending on the item type.
Designs are usually left blank for you to add your own personal message, however should you wish an item to be personalised with a sentiment or verse, please email me when you order and I will be happy to help you. All my items are individually handcrafted, if you liked an item which has now been sold just ask, as I may be able to be replicate it although it will not be identical to the original item.
If you have a specific requirement or an idea, I also offer a bespoke handcrafted service - just email me to discuss.
Some of my cards for sale on this site are listed as ‘example’. These cards give you an example of how the end product, but it will be made using your design choices: selected from the range of options listed under each item. These items will not be ready for dispatch within the normal 48hrs. Please ensure you take this into consideration when ordering your card for a particular date or event. I have given an estimation of how long each item is likely to take from order to dispatch in the items description. You will be given a dispatch time on confirmation of your order: you may of course cancel your order if the timescale is not acceptable.
Enjoy browsing & please check back regularly to see my new designs & other paper craft creations.
Thank you
Please also visit my web site at http://www.special-bits.com  for more items.

Special Bits by D Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

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