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  Slack Stitches
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Handmade Crafts from Scotland Owned by: Margaret Hamilton
Medium: Textile Crafts
Member since: January 2008
Location: Moray, Scotland

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Telephone: +44 (0)1542 840551

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Postal Address Only - Strictly no callers
Margaret Hamilton
Slack Villa
23 King Edward Terrace
Portknockie, Moray
Scotland, AB56 4NX

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Margaret accepts:
Paypal, Credit Card, Cheque, Postal Order, Bank Transfer
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Web site: http://www.slackstitches.com  

About Slack Stitches

Margaret Hamilton, Slack Stitches

Hello, I am Margaret and I live on the beautiful Moray Coast in the North East of Scotland, just a stones throw from the Highlands.
I enjoy various types of needlecraft and am always creating something. I was fortunate to have a mum that taught me to knit when I was 7 and continued to teach me sewing, patchwork, appliqué, quilting, cross-stitch, embroidery as I grew up. She did a City and Guilds course in the 70s and I benefited greatly from her experience. She still advises me when I need it. My grandmother also played a part. She knitted and crocheted and whenever I visited she would sit me on the settee and give me the current crochet blanket to add a few rounds to.
I started my own business in 2006 and it has taken a few different turns since the beginning but this is the nature of crafting. Always new ideas and improvements to be made.
I am always open to discussion about the possibility of custom work if you see an idea in my shop but would like it made in a different colour, size, whatever. I enjoy the fact that what I make is individual and not mass produced.
Knockie bears are one of the turns that I mentioned above. I didn’t start out to make bears but my love of them somehow got mixed up in the creating thing. It took a while to develop bear shapes that I like and was happy with but I think I am pretty much there. I make one bear at a time and somehow they all seem to develop a different personality once the limbs start going on and the features are put in place. Some of them give me a much harder time than the others. I don’t name my bears as I leave that privilege to their new 'Mum's' or 'Dad's'. All I ask is that they are given a loving home! All my toys conform to safety standards and where possible I source my materials from local producers e.g. tartan.
Please also visit my web site at http://www.slackstitches.com  for more items.

Slack Stitches Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

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Handmade textile gifts

Appliqued Robert the Bruce T shirt image
Appliquéd Robert the Bruce T shirt
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Appliqued Celtic Cross T shirt image
Appliquéd Celtic Cross T shirt
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Personalized Teddy Bears
Custom Made Bears
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Party Teddy Bear image
Party Teddy Bear
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Scottish Saltire Bookmark
Scottish Saltire Bookmark
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Felicity Teddy Bear
Felicity Teddy Bear
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Personalised Orders - Please contact me for further information
Personalised Orders - Please contact me for further information
Personalised Orders - Please contact me for further information

Customer Feedback

A very happy little girl on Christmas day 2010. Thank you to Margaret from Slack Stitches


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