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  Nuee's Creations
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Handmade Crafts from England Owned by: Sue McCabe
Medium: Textile Gifts
Member since: July 2013
Location: York, England

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About Nuee's Creations

Nuee's Creations

my name is Sue and I live on the outskirts of York. I have just recently come back to
sewing after a lapse of quite a few years. I started sewing again for my second grandchild
making her lots of girly things from her first quilt to frilly bags etc.
All my creations are handmade by myself and no two are the same unless pre-ordered. I
use Laura Ashley fabrics as much as possible as they are very hardwearing and I think
very pretty.
I try and give all my works individual linings and sometimes this is the most fun part of
creating a new item for me. As you will see my passion in Pink...It is very rare I make
anything that hasn’t a hint of pink somewhere, either on the outsides or the delicious
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we will be in touch very soon.

Nuee's Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

Nuee's Creations

Nuee's Creations and Handmade purses, bags and gifts

Click on any of the images to enlarge:

Store Card Purse from Nuee's Creations Store Card Purse from Nuee's Creations
Store Card Purse
Measurements 6" x 3.5"
These little purses are so versatile, so handy for store cards, medication, loose change, mobile phones etc. The purse has a magnetic fastener and shocking Pink lining.
Small Tote Bag from Nuee's Creations
Small Tote Bag
This little tote is ideal for the little girl who likes to take her possessions on her travels.
The lining is like the alphabet print on the top frill.
Sunbonnet Sue Needle Case from Nuee's Creations
Sunbonnet Sue Needle Case
Measurements 6" x 4.5"
Sunbonnet Sue comes complete with a couple of needles and pins.
Oversized Makeup Bag from Nuee's Creations
Oversized Makeup Bag
Measurements 11" x 7"
This bag is quite versatile, ideal size for baby wipes and a couple of nappies for on the go. The Lining is a white background with coloured letters scattered about. The bag also has a magnetic fastener.
Clutch Purse from Nuee's Creations
Clutch Purse
I love this size clutch, so comfy to carry about.
The Lining is a white background with small pink dots in a rainbow pattern. The purse fastens with a magnetic fastener.
Chequebook Purse from Nuee's Creations Chequebook Purse from Nuee's Creations
Chequebook Purse
Measurements 8.75" x 4"
The purse is designed to hold British cheque books, please measure your cheque book before ordering. If you would like a custom made purse please email the size.
A5 Notebook cover from Nuee's Creations
A5 Notebook cover
Measurements A5
The cover comes complete with A5 exercise book
Tissue Purse from Nuee's Creations
Tissue Purse
This little handy purse holds travel pack size tissues.

All prices are inclusive of UK postage and packaging - for overseas postage costs please contact me.

For all enquiries or to order any of my items, please contact me direct

Thanks for looking


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