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  Jaggie Thistle Ltd

Handmade Crafts from Scotland Owned by Lesley McLean
Medium: Textile Gifts
Member since: September 2014
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Telephone: +44 (0)758 069 3528

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About Jaggie Thistle Ltd

Jaggie Thistle Ltd was created in July 2014 in Edinburgh. The company aim is to provide a bespoke service where quality handmade products may be personalised at no extra cost. 10% of company profits is donated to Dogs Trust.

Jaggie Thistle Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

Jaggie ThistleJaggie Thistle

Applecore Quilt

Applecore Quilt from Jaggie Thistle

Applecore design quilt. This is available in the following sizes:
Cot, Single, Double, Kingsize.
It is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.
Available in any colour, in either monoblock, floral pattern, geometric pattern or a mixture when ordering please indicate what you'd like.

Total Cost:
Cot £110, Single £260, Double £360, Kingsize £460 (inclusive of postage to UK mainland Destinations)
Cot £120, Single £270, Double £370, Kingsize £470 (inclusive of postage to all non UK Destinations)
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How to Order:
Lesley from Jaggie Thistle accepts:
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