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Welsh Language - Beginners lessons

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Whilst English is the language spoken by the majority of Welsh, nearly 50% speak the Welsh language in the regions of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

Pronunciation - a = as in 'fat', ah = as in 'father', e = as in 'met', eh = as in 'game', i = as in 'pin', o = as in 'hot', oh = as in 'hole', i = as in 'bin', oo = as in 'fool', w = as in 'week', uh = as in 'fun', c = as in 'cat', ch = as in 'loch', dd = 'th', f = 'v'

English   Welsh   Pronunciation
Yes   Ydw   uh-doo
No   Nac   nag
Please   Os gwelwch yn dda   os gwel-ooch uhn that
Ok   Iawn   yown
I don't speak Welsh   Dwi ddim yn siarad Cymraeg   dwee thim uhn shar-ad kuhm-r(eye)g
I do not understand   Dwi ddim yn deall   dwee thim uhn de-all
Hello   Helô   hel-oh
Hi   Sut mae   shood m(eye)
Good evening   Noswaith dda   nos-w(eye)th thah
Good morning   Bore da   bo-re da
Good night   Nos da   nohss dah
Goodbye   Da boch chi   dah bohch chi
Excuse me   Esgusodwch fi   es-gis-od-ooch vi
Thank you   Diolch   di-olch
You are very welcome   Croeso i chi   croy-so i chi
What is your name?   Beth yw'ch enw chi?   beth iooch en-oo chi
My name is Emma Brown   Fy enm yw Emma Brown   vuh en-oo i-oo Emma Brown
How are you?   Sut ych chi?   shood eech chi
I am very well thank you   Dwi'n dda iawn, diolch   dween that yown di-olch
I am from Wales   Dwi'n dod o Gymru   dween dohd o guhm-ri
Where?   Ble?   ble
Who?   Pwy?   pooi
Why?   Pam?   pam
When?   Pryd?   preed
What?   Beth?   behth
How?   Sut?   shood
How much?   Faint yw?   v(eye)nt i-oo
What time is it?   Faint o'r gloch yw hi?   v(eye)nt orr glohch i-oo hee
It is ten o'clock   Mae'n ddeg o'r gloch   m(eye)n thehg orr glohch
One   Un   een
Two   Dau   d(eye)
Three   Tri   tree
Four   Pedwar   ped-warr
Five   Pump   pimp
Six   Chwech   chwech
Seven   Saith   s(eye)th
Eight   Wyth   ooith
Nine   Naw   now
Ten   Deg   dehg
Sunday   Dydd Sul   deeth seel
Monday   Dydd Llun   deeth lleen
Tuesday   Dydd Mawrth   deeth mowrrth
Wednesday   Dydd Mercher   deeth merr-cherr
Thursday   Dydd Iau   deeth y(eye)
Friday   Dydd Gwener   deeth gwen-err
Saturday   Dyadd Sadwrn   deeth sad-oorrn
Spring   Gwanwyn   gwan-win
Summer   Haf   hahv
Autumn   Hydre'   huh-dre
Winter   Gaea'   g(eye)-a
January   Ionawr   yon-owrr
February   Chwefror   chwe-vrorr
March   Mawrth   mowrrth
April   Ebrill   e-brill
May   Mai   m(eye)
June   Mehefin   me-hev-in
July   Gorffennaf   gorr-fen-av
August   Awst   owst
September   Medi   med-i
October   Hydref   huh-drev
November   Tachwedd   tach-weth
December   Rhagfyr   rhag-firr
Black   Du   dee
Blue   Glas   glahss
Brown   Brown   brown (as in own)
Purple   Porffor   porr-forr
Red   Coch   kohch
Green   Gwyrdd   gwirrth
Orange   Oren   or-en
White   Gwyn   gwin
Pink   Pinc   pinc
Yellow   Melyn   mel-in

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