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Spanish - Beginners Lessons

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Spanish (español), also known as Castilian (castellano), is the third most-spoken language (around 500 million speakers) in the world. Originating in Spain and spoken by most residents there, it has slightly different pronunciations from the rest of the world's Spanish speakers, as well as a few vocabulary differences.

Pronunciation - The vowels in Spanish are short crisp sounds. They are not dragged out like the English vowels: a = like 'a' in "father", e = like 'ay' in "pay" or 'ai' in "hail" when stressed; may take on more of a 'e' in "pet" sound when unstressed. i = like 'ee' in "see". o = like 'o' in "stone". u = like 'u' in "rule". y = like 'ee' in "see". Very rarely used at the middle or ending of words.
r, rr = Spanish has two 'r' sounds both of which are different from their counterpart in English. Some effort should be made to approximate each of them, to help listeners distinguish between perro ("dog") and pero ("but")... or perhaps to understand you at all: single r: This sound is created by putting the tip of the tongue up against where the front of the roof of the mouth meets the upper teeth, very similar to the action English speakers make to pronounce l or d. To an English-speaking ear, it may sound a bit like a combined "d-r". Take care to pronounce r separately when it follows a consonant; a blended English tr will not be recognized in the Spanish word otro ("other"), which should be pronouced more like "OHT-roh". rolled r: Written "r" at the beginning of the word, or "rr" between vowels (cerro). It's a multiply vibrating sound. Whereas most English speakers can learn to tap out a single r, many adults learning Spanish find this sound impossible to produce; in this case, pronouncing it like a Spanish r or fumbling out a d-r will be better understood than pronouncing it like a long English r. If a word is marked with an accent, then that syllable receives the stress.

English   Spanish   Pronunciation
Yes     SEE
No   no   NOH
Please   Por favor,   POHR fah-BOHR
I do not speak Spanish   no hablo español   noh AH-bloh ehs-pah-NYOL
I do not understand   No entiendo   NOH ehn-TYEHN-doh
Hello   Hola   OH-lah
Good evening / Good night   Buenas noches   BWEH-nahs NOH-chehs
Good morning   buenos días   BWEH-nohs DEE-ahs
Goodbye   Adiós   ah-DYOHS
Excuse me   Disculpe   dees-KOOL-peh
Thank you   Gracias   GRAH-syahs
You're welcome   De nada   DAY NAH-dah
What is your name?   Cómo se llama usted?   KOH-moh SAY YAH-mah oos-TEHD?
My name is Emma Brown   Me llamo es Emma Brown   MEH YAH-moh Emma Brown
How are you?   Cómo estás?   KOH-moh ehs-TAHS?
I am very well thank you   Estoy muy bien, gracias   Es-toy MOO-ee byehn, GRAH-syahs
I am from Spain   Yo soy de España   Yo soy de Es-pan-ya
Where?   Dónde?   DOHN-deh?
Who?   Quién?   KYEN?
Why?   Por qué?   poor-KAY
When?   Cuándo?   KWAHN-doh
What?   Qué?   Ke
How?   Cómo?   KOH-moh?
How much?   Cuánto?   KWAHN-toh?
Where is the toilet?   Dónde está el baño?   DOHN-deh ehss-TAH EHL BAH-nyoh?
What time is it?   Qué hora es?   Ke ora es?
It is ten o'clock   Son las diez   Son las dee-EHS
One   uno   OO-noh
Two   dos   dohs
Three   tres   trehs
Four   cuatro   KWAH-troh
Five   cinco   SEEN-koh
Six   seis   SEH_ees
Seven   siete   see-EH-teh
Eight   ocho   OH-choh
Nine   nueve   noo-EH-beh
Ten   diez   dee-EHS
Monday   lunes   LOO-nehs
Tuesday   martes   MAHR-tehs
Wednesday   miércoles   MYEHR-koh-lehs
Thursday   jueves   WEH-vehs
Friday   viernes   VYEHR-nehs
Saturday   sábado   SAH-bah-doh
Sunday   domingo   doh-MEENG-goh
Spring   primavera   pri-ma-VEH-rah
Summer   verano   VEH-ra-no
Autumn   otoño   OH-to-NYO
Winter   invierno   in-VYEH-no
January   enero   eh-NEH-roh
February   febrero   feh-BREH-roh
March   marzo   MAR-soh
April   abril   ah-BREEL
May   mayo   MAH-joh
June   junio   HOO-nyoh
July   julio   HOO-lyoh
August   agosto   ah-GOHS-toh
September   septiembre   sehp-TYEHM-breh
October   octubre   ohk-TOO-breh
November   noviembre   noh-VYEHM-breh
December   diciembre   dee-SYEHM-breh
Black   negro   NEH-groh
Blue   azul   ah-SOOL
Brown   marrón   mahr-ROHN
Purple   púrpura   POOR-poo-rah
Red   rojo   ROH-hoh
Green   verde   BEHR-deh
Orange   naranja   nah-RAHN-hah
White   blanco   BLAHN-koh
Pink   rosa   ROH-sah
Yellow   amarillo   ah-mah-REE-yoh

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