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Gaeilge - Irish Gaelic - Beginners lessons

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Whilst English is the language spoken by the majority of Irish, there are still people from the Gaeltacht regions (found mainly in western Ireland) whose first language is Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge). Here are just a few simple words and phrases to get you started:

English   Gaeilge   Pronunciation
Hello   Dia dhuit   Djee-ah gwitch
Thank you   Go raibh maith agat   Guh row mah aguth (row as in cow)
You're welcome   Tá fáilte romhat   Thaw foil-cheh roath
Goodnight, see you tomorrow   Oiche mhaith, feicfidh mé ar ball tú   Ee-heh wah, feck-hee may er boll hoo
What is your name?   Cad is ainm duit?   Codh is anam gwitch
My name is Emma Brown   Emma Brown is ainm dom   Emma Brown is aman dhum
How are you?   Conas tá tú?   Kunas thaw thoo
I am fine   Tá me go maith   Thaw may guh mah
What time is it?   Cén t-am é?    Kayn thom ay
It's three o'clock   Tá sé a tri a chlog   Thaw shay three a (c)hlug, the 'c' is almost silent
One   Aon   Ay-on
Two     dhoh
Three   Trí   three
Four   Ceathair   ka-hir
Five   Cúig   coo-ig
Six     shay
Seven   Seacht   shoch-edh
Eight   Ocht   uchth
Nine   Naoi   knee
Ten   Deich   djeh
Today is Sunday   Inniu Dé Domhnaigh   Djay dhough-knee
Monday   Dé Luain   Djay loo-in
Tuesday   Dé Máirt   Djay moyrch
Wednesday   Dé Chéadaoin   Djay Kay-dheen
Thursday   Dé Déardaoin   Djay Djayr-dheen
Friday   Dé hAoine   Djay-heenah
Saturday   Dé Sathairn   Djay Sah-harn
January   Eanáir   an-aw-irr
February   Feabhra   feow-rah
March   Márta   mawr-thah
April   Aibreán   ab-rawn
May   Bealtaine   bahl-theh-neh
June   Meitheamh   meh-huv
July   Iúil   oo-il
August   Lúnasa   loo-nah-sah
September   Meán Fomhair   mahn foh-ir
October   Deireadh Fomhair   djeh-reh foh-ir
November   Samhain   sow (as in cow) -in
December   Nollaig   null-ig

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