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Children's Crafts - Moss Tray

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Children's Crafts - Moss Tray from www.walkaboutcrafts.comCollecting moss

There are many different mosses to be found in the country side. Some grow throughout the year although there are fewer in summer. Mosses like damp conditions and can always be found in woodlands and near streams. Other places to look are on stone walls or tree trunks, in local parks, and even on moors. When picking moss plants be careful not to damage the roots. As these are very short, it is quite easy to dig below them or gently ease them away from a wall or tree. Mosses grow best in the soil where you found them, so always take a plastic bag with you to collect soil from nearby. If you want to grow a variety of mosses in your garden, collect soil for each one and then mix them together.

Making a moss tray

An old tray can be planted with all sorts of mosses in every shade of green. Mosses grow at different rates so you should soon begin to notice changes in your garden as each variety takes up the space it needs. Remember that mosses grow in damp conditions so keep your garden well watered.

You will need:
Old tray or large plate
Plastic sheeting or cling film

1. Line the base of the tray with plastic or cling film. Make sure that there are no gaps as the base must be completely waterproof.

2. Cover the tray with a thin layer of the soil you have collected – add some soil from the garden if you haven’t enough to cover the base of your tray.

3. Decide where each moss is going to go by arranging them on top of the soil. If you plant them immediately you may not like the result and have to move them.

4. Once you are happy with the arrangement, plant each moss. Use your fingers and make sure all the roots are covered. Leave a gap between each moss plant to allow them to grow.

5. Place the finished tray in a light well ventilated room. Water well and continue watering the tray daily.

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