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Children's Crafts - How to make Kites

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To make your kite fly well you must follow a few simple rules:

1. Use very light material, such as rip - stop nylon which you can buy at specialist kite shops. Bin liners and newspaper work well, too.

2. The kite frame must be light too. Use cane, sold at garden centres, or thin dowelling rods which you can buy at hardware stores.

Children's Crafts - Kites from www.walkaboutcrafts.comYou will need:

Material for the sail
cane or thin dowelling rods
sharp scissors
strong glue
plastic sticky tape
buttonhole twist
flying line

1. Use the ruler to draw a big square or diamond shape at least 18 inches wide on the sail material. Cut it out.

2. If you like, decorate the sail with a brightly coloured motif. Stick on the motif with strong glue, making sure that it is in the centre of the kite and that the edges are firmly stuck down.

3. Fold the edges of the sail the wrong side making a hem about 1 cm deep. Snip the corners so that the hems do not overlap. Secure with glue. If you are using rip-stop nylon you could ask a grown up to help you machine stitch the hem instead.

4. Ask a grown up to help you cut two pieces of cane dowelling to fit diagonally across the sail. Use sticky tape to fix the rods in position at the ends. The rods are called the spars of the kite.

5. Use buttonhole twist to bind the spars together where they cross each other.

6. Measure the length of the kite and cut a piece of string about 1½ times this length. Tie the string to the top and bottom of the kite. This is known as the bridle.

7. Tie a loop about halfway along the bridle. Attach the flying line to this loop.

8. You can also attach a tail to your kite using a strip of the same material your kite is made from. You can also stick some narrow strips onto the side corners of your kite.

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