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Welcome to
  The Celtic Priestess

Handmade Crafts from Scotland Owned by Autumn
Medium: Holistic
Member since: January 2009
Location: Fife, Scotland

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Telephone via Walkabout Crafts: +44 (0)773 328 4443

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About The Celtic Priestess

The Celtic Priestess

Hello my name is Autumn and I am a genuine Celtic Priestess.
I specialize in rune stones and spirit boards, however, I also supply New age, Metaphysical, Celtic, Gothic, Pagan and Wiccan hand crafted gifts. 
I have been a practicing Celt for over 20 years and performing rituals and ceremonies for over 15 years. I was blessed to have been taught by my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother who I dedicate my abilities to. 
Love and Light

The Celtic Priestess Terms

Items are sent 1st class recorded (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

The Celtic Priestess   The Celtic Priestess

Celtic Rune Stones

Celtic Rune Stones, Runes from the Celtic Priestess

Red Rune Stones with Gold Symbols

These Celtic Rune stones will help you to make decisions, answer questions and enable you to foresee forthcoming events. Suitable for both beginners and the experienced.

As with Tarot cards they must not be handled by anyone other than your choosing.

This makes these stones unique in that they are not factory mass produced being handled by lots of people; Each stone has been individually collected from genuine Celtic sites throughout Scotland, by myself, a genuine Celtic Priestess; I then prepares and makes sure they are cleansed before hand decorating them with the individual Celtic symbols.

Each stone has an individual design – 25 in total cleansed and ready for use.

 The Runes come in a pouch (may vary from image shown) and with full casting instructions of use and meanings and translations of each symbol.  

Total Cost:
£8.99 (inclusive of postage to UK mainland Destinations)
£12.99 (inclusive of postage to all non UK Destinations)
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Autumn The Celtic Priestess accepts:
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