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Welcome to
  Botany Bears

Handmade Crafts from England Owned by Sharon Ashmole
Medium: Teddy Bears
Member since: September 2014
Location: Spalding, England

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Postal Address Only - Strictly no callers
Sharon Ashmole, Botany Bears, 164 High Road, Weston, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, PE12 6JU

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Sharon accepts:
Paypal, Credit Card, Cheque, Postal Order, Bank Transfer
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About Botany Bears

Sharon Ashmole from Botany Bears

Hello, I am Sharon, I live in Lincolnshire in the Fenlands with my husband and mad Yorkshire Terrier!
The name of my business, Botany Bears, is a combination of two of my favourite pastimes, gardening and bears!
I enjoy making one of a kind bears which are individual and not mass produced, they can take up to a week to produce.
I make one bear at a time. Once the head is made the personality seems to develop and the whole bear comes alive.
The fully jointed bears are made from quality mohair, alpaca wool or luxurious faux fur with ultrasuede paws and felted wool noses. The making of these bears does not require any animals to be harmed!
I have named the bears after flowers or plants (they are Botany Bears after all!) Their names are individually handwritten on plant labels with a flower embellishment which I include with every bear. When they are adopted their new “parents” can always rename them. All I ask is they are given a loving home!

Botany Bears Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

Botany Bears by Sharon AshmoleBotany Bears by Sharon Ashmole

Bracken Teddy Bear

Bracken Teddy Bear from Botany Bears

Bracken is made from dark, brown, golden flecked, short, high quality mohair. His inner ears are cream mohair and he sports a long white and brown flecked faux fur beard (which gives him lots of character.)
His pads are in golden brown ultrasuede (looks and feels like real suede) and filled with steel shot to give that lovely weighted feel when hugged ( he is quite heavy.) He wears a bronze, brown, ultrasuede waistcoat with a red ribbon rose in his lapel. He has fine English black glass eyes. 16 inches tall. Stuffing is quality polyester stuffing. Bracken is fully jointed with floppy cotter pin joints.

Bracken Teddy Bear from Botany BearsBracken Teddy Bear from Botany Bears

(The collection of this noble hair does not require any animals to be harmed.)
Not suitable for children, choking hazard, adult collectors only.

Total Cost:
£95.00 (inclusive of postage to UK mainland Destinations)
£97.00 (inclusive of postage to all non UK Destinations)
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How to Order:
Sharon from Botany Bears accepts:
Credit card / paypal payments (use add to cart options below)
or Cheque / Postal order payments made p
ayable to Sharon Ashmole. Send with completed order form to the address on left.

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