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Welcome to
  Auricles of Leslie

Handmade Crafts from Scotland Owned by: Peter Leigh
Medium: Intarsia Wood Art
Member since: August 2007
Location: Fife, Scotland

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Telephone: +44 (0)1592 743539

By Post

Postal Address Only - Strictly no callers
Peter Leigh, 12 Valley Grove, Leslie, Fife, Scotland, UK, KY6 3BZ

Payment methods accepted

Peter accepts:
Paypal, Credit Card, Cheque, Postal Order
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About Auricles of Leslie

Peter Leigh from Auricles of Leslie image

I have been involved in making up pictures from either birch plywood or pine wood. The birch ply pictures are cut out using a scroll saw, then backed with a piece of blackened ply to give the finished effect. 
The pictures made from pine wood are cut out like a jigsaw then sanded to round off the edges. They are then stained different colours and the parts are glued back together either raising or lowering the piece to give a 3D effect. When everything is dry, the item is then mounted on a wood background and given several coats of satin varnish.
Like a beautiful oil painting, a scroll sawn segmentation portrait in wood looks even more realistic when viewed at some distance.
Up close details may not make much sense, like the brushwork on the canvas of fine art painting may look visually disconnected.
However, when you step back a bit, all the colours, tones, textures and shadows emerge as a wonderful, coherent image. By and large the more pieces and the greater detail involved, the closer to photographic realism the whole becomes.
Please contact me if you have any queries - I also offer classes in scroll art.

Auricles of Leslie Terms

Items are sent 1st class standard (UK). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.


James Dean Wooden Scroll Art Picture

James Dean Wooden Scroll Art Picture from Auricles of Leslie

This exquisite technique picture is made by Auricles of Leslie. Cut out from birch ply and backed with black ply. Size A4

Total Cost:
£35.00 (inclusive of postage within UK) - for non UK destinations please contact me
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How to Order:

Peter from Auricles of Leslie accepts:
Credit card / paypal payments (use add to cart options below)
or Cheque / Postal order payments made payable to Peter Leigh. Send with completed
order form to the address on left.

£35.00 includes p&p (UK only)

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