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Walkabout Crafts Membership Form

Please note that all members must supply either a telephone number (even if it is a mobile), or a direct email address  for their shop page - All email addresses on our web site are coded, which enables customers to send you an email, while preventing spiders and spam bots from harvesting it.

Company Trading Name: 

What do you sell / make?: 

Choose a membership: 

Crystal / Silver / Pearl / Ruby / Gold / Diamond / Platinum

Where did you hear about us? 

Full name: 

Home Address: 

Business Address (if different): 

Telephone Number: 

E-mail Address: 

Do you want telephone number published? yes / no

Do you want email address published? yes / no

Do you want postal address published? yes / no

Preferences for background colours / image? 

Preferences for font style / colours? 

How do you send your items - i.e. 1st class,  airmail:

What currency do you use? 

Payments accepted: paypal / cheque /postal order / direct bank payment / other
If other, please state 

Once you have completed and sent the form please forward the following via email or post:

Text to tell visitors all about yourself and business for the profile section
Image of yourself (which is recommended as it gives the customers a personal touch) alternatively a logo or montage image of your items.
Images / logos for background if required
Refund / replacement policies - if different from our own (see ordering page)
List of products; titles, descriptions, sizes and colours of all your items. (please number / name images to coincide with descriptions
Item prices and postage prices
Send us your own web site link if you have one.
Details of any special offers / combined postage discounts that you may offer
For direct payments please send as many of the following options:
a) Your email registered with paypal (standard account is acceptable, however, we recommended upgrading to a paypal business account so that you can also accept credit cards)
b) and / or Google checkout merchant id
c) and or for cheque payments supply us with details of who to make payable to and postal address. Postal addresses will be published for members who receive cheque payments however, we normally add that the address is for postal purposes only and not for private callers.
d) and / or bank details (name of bank, sort code, account number) for bank transfers
e) and / or telephone number for over the phone credit card payments


Photographs / text can be sent via post or e-mail. (due to volume of emails please send only one image per e-mail please.) Images must be gif, jpeg or jpg format. Ideally take photos of your products using the same background and ideally one that blends into your chosen web page colours. If sending via e-mail please do not crop etc – we will do that at this end. 

If sending text via email please paste the text into the email or attach as .doc only. Alternatively, you can send via post via hard copy / disc / usb stick. (please include an s.a.e. if you require your discs / photos etc returned)

When deciding on your theme for your web page try to keep it simple but stylish – too much clutter will take away from your products. If you are struggling with ideas then don’t worry we can design your page to fit around your product for you.   

If sending by post please make cheques / crossed postal orders payable to Emma Brown and send to:
Emma Brown
Walkabout Crafts
2 South Port
Scottish Borders
United Kingdom
TD7 4AR.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Regards  Emma Brown

Postage Examples

You can send postage / courier details in two ways:

Example 1

Item price = £2.00
Postage for UK = 50p
Postage for rest of Europe = £1
Postage for Rest of World = £1.50

OR Example 2

Item inclusive of postage & packaging

UK = £2.50
Europe = £3.00
Worldwide = £3.50

It is up to you what options you prefer - you can provide prices for:

1 - a) Your country b) Your Continent c) Rest of World
2 - a) Your Country b) Rest of World
3 - a) Your home country only
4 - a) Your Country b) Your continent only
5 - a) One worldwide price - irrelevant of destination

Most members prefer only to give 2 options to customers i.e. delivery within members home country and delivery outwith members home country. Although this is a simple option it does not suit all members. It pays to shop around - most traders nowadays, use couriers rather than their standard postal service, many courier companies do not require you to have a business account and may be a lot cheaper!

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If you have suggestions of how we can improve our service, please let us know. We love to hear from you!

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