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  Angel Wings

Handmade Crafts from Scotland Owned by Patricia Smith
Medium: Energy Cards
Member since: July 2010
Location: Fife, Scotland

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Telephone: +44 (0)1334 828 895

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About Angel Wings

Patricia is an author and practitioner of energy work. 
By incorporating vibrational sound and angelic energies, she has opened herself up to new and stimulating avenues of her own energy work.
The results have been powerful, thought provoking and inspirational. That same inspiration has guided Patricia to create the Energy Cards and bring them within the reach of anybody with whom they resonate.
Through her images, words and sacred sound blessings incorporated at the very core of each card.
Patricia's aims are to inspire and motivate people no matter what level of energy work they are currently undertaking. The cards will assist those who are actively seeking to bring a real sense of purpose and hope into their daily lives. 

Angel Wings Terms

Items are sent 1st class (UK) and airmail (overseas). Standard replacement / refund policies apply.

Angel WingsAngel WingsAngel Wings

Inspirational Energy Cards

The Star of Seed Legacy Book

The Star of Seed Legacy Book from Angel Wings

The Star Seed Legacy - Arrianna lives in a World in which portals, parallel universes and traveling through space, dimension and time are for some at least everyday occurrences.

Still grieving the loss of her beloved guardian grandfather Arriannna's life is further ripped apart when Theo her younger brother vanishes without a trace. His disappearance heralds the return of Kodo grandfathers mysterious friend. Kodo promises to help Arrianna. Before he can do this he must reawaken memories within her of her true ancestry with her Star family and the incredible Star Beings of Austaurias. Only they have the power to save Theo and the 'forgotten ones' from the dark forces threatening to engulf and obliterate everything standing in the way of complete Earthly and Galactic domination. The Star Council convene. Headed by Guelun and the exotic Lady Samia a plan is formed. The mightiest shape shifting Star Warriors unite with Gatekeepers, Star Beings, Light Beings and phenomenal power animals to wrestle back power from the hideous Slakers and their one true master of all that is Dark, Karalan.

Accompanied by a small advance party made up of Kodo, Wolf, Nikolai and Yula, Arrianna sets out to rescue her brother and reclaim her future. The struggle for light begins even before they set foot on Karalan's corrupted universe. Everyone's strength, endurance and commitment is stretched to breaking point as each looks within to find the will to go on with their mission. Arrianna struggles with her own inner demons and a strange emotional dilemma. Has she the courage to fight the biggest battle of all. Will her Star Warrior be able to save her and assist her in fulfilling her destiny? 

 Available to buy now at Amazon ISBN 0 - 7552 - 0261 - 9
UK £9.99 USA $14.95

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